About Us.

Welcome to AgariKoli Foods!

We are located at a beautiful place called Bordi in Dahanu. This region is full of Fish, Veggies, Fruits, and Flowers. AgariKoli Foods started in 2023 to provide healthy, nutritious seafood to the society. We provide dry fish and value-added fish products. We have dry Bombay duck, shrimp, baby prawns, and others. In value-added products, we serve prawn pickles, Jawala chutney, and fish pickles. These products are not just healthy but tasty as well! These technologies have been developed by ICAR - Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai in their Agri-Business incubation project.  We are registered with ICAR-CIFE ABI, Mumbai, and are trained to produce these value-added products.

Why Sea Food?


FISH!!! Sea Food!!! When we hear these words, it makes us feel hungry and we start daydreaming with tasty and mouthwatering fish cuisine. Sea foods are being a staple food since ancient times and most of us just love it. We are pleased t serve value added fish products.
Seafood includes fish and shellfish. In our country majorly 2 types of fish available such as marine water and sweet water fish.
There are many types of seafood which includes prawns, mussel, tuna, salmon, mackrel, octopus, oyster,
lobsters, scallop and many more. Fish is a staple food especially in coastal areas from Gujrat to West Bengal. World’s top seafood consumer is China, followed by Japan and United States. Seafood provides essential nutrients to the body which
includes vitamins A, B and D as well as great source of omega 3 fatty acids. It is also a rich source of high quality protein, iodine, minerals, calcium and phosphorus.


Something about Dry Fish!!! Fresh fish is the most perishable entity if not handled properly and hygienically. To increase the shelf life of the fish, fish drying technique is used since decades in our country. This technique prevents fish from spoilage and maintains food quality and nutritional value over the longer period of time.

We at AgariKoliFoods offers varieties of dry fish such as dried Bombay Duck, Jawala (Acetes), Anchovies, Shrimp and value added fish products like fish pickle, prawns pickle, fish papad fish chakali, fish wafers, fish cutlet, fish vada. All the fish are handled, processed and packaged hygienically.

Add Value Added Fish Products In Your Diet

Serving best prawns pickle, jawala chutney and dry fish.

Fish processing and value additional products

Prawns and fish the great sources of proteins. It also provides fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals to the human body. They are easily digestible too. Fish have different colors, tastes, odors, small sizes, and fats. Due to these reasons, a vast part of the fish landing is unused. It is beneficial for society to produce value additional products by deboning fish mince. It is cost-effective and profitable as well. Such Technologies have been developed by ICAR - Central Institute of Fisheries Education (CIFE), Mumbai in their Agri-Business incubation project. Entrepreneurs, fishermen, fisherwomen, SHGs, and FPOs can register themselves under this incubation project and start learning things.

Sea food is Delicious and Easy to prepare

Buy and relish with the taste of real sea food...

Our Food Policy

We at Agarikolifoods, all the fish is handled, processed, packaged and distributed hygienically. We offer best suitable price for the products. Our products are rich in nutrients values, minerals, and vitamins. These products can be used for upto 3 to 6 months at room temperature. (Shelf life of the product varies depending on the fish products.) Product must be consumed within 3 to 4 days once opened and keep in the refrigerator.

Our Core Values

Fish processing and value additional products technology have been implemented by ICAR, Mumbai. We are registered with them and trained accordingly. Our motive is to provide employment to the society especially women from Bordi and nearby places. Palghar district has a vast fish-catching zone and mostly fresh fish gets transported to Mumbai and the nearest market. Our policy will help fisherwomen to grow financially.

Gems of Palghar District

From Zai to Arnala

Palghar district is referred as a biodiversity zone for various plants, animals, and fish species. The Arabian Sea especially Wadhvan is bio-diversified and a productivity center for fish like pomfret, lobster, jewfish, Indian threadfin, bombay duck.

More About Raanbhaji / Forest Vegetables

Seasonal Food / Monsoon Vegetables

Palghar district is a biodiversity zone for forest vegetables. Around 300 types of vegetables are available in the forest. Few are available in the monsoon season only.


Bombay Duck




Jew Fish




Indian threadfin