Jawala Wafers


Jawala Wafers

Fish wafers|Ready to cook|Dry snacks|Long shelf life|Authentic and plain|Ideal with soft drinks

Net weight:50 grams

Ingredients:Jawala, Sago seeds, Salt

No artificial preservatives added.

Stored upto 3 months at room temperature when packed.

Jawala Wafers is the ready to cook product. It is a dried snack item and ideal with soft drinks. Ingredients used in this product are dried jawala, sago seeds, salt. No artificial preservatives added in this product. Wafers are dried in sunlight and can be stored upto 3 months at a room temperature when packed. Once opened store them in a refrigerator without frying.

Cooking instructions: Heat a 4 tablespoons of oil in a kadhai. When the oli is hot then fry wafers one at a time. Keep the flame medium to high. It will take few seconds to cook the wafer.


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